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For nearly three decades, Cheetah Xpress Delivery Services Inc. in Ashtabula, OH has been the easy, affordable way to ship items across the country. We’re determined to make sure that everything gets to where it needs to go. We’re efficient and reliable because we believe that nothing beats a cheetah.

When shipping, it’s important to know what you’re sending is well taken care of. We’ve made it a point to treat your items well because there’s no point in sending something across the country if it’s only going to end up being broken when you get there. Don’t just trust your items to get from one place to another, trust them to get there in one piece.

Our 29 years of experience have helped us grow with the packing industry as it has undergone changes. It’s now easier than ever to get packages from one place to another in a timely, cost-efficient manner, which means there’s no excuse not to. With advances in travel, it’s our job to make sure that your shipment reaches its destination when it is supposed to.

If you need a package delivery service that lives up to its promises, look no further than Cheetah Xpress Delivery Services Inc. Trust us to take care of your shipping needs. We’re open 24 hours a day.

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